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About Us

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Learn new skills to go ahead for your career.

The objective of IISE is to develop, Scientist, Engineers, Doctors, Technologists and leaders of tomorrow.

IISE is a youthful, energetic and vibrant educational institutions, we have produced several top performers in board exams and competitive exams. The institute focuses on the holistic, well balanced development of each student which not only reduces stress on students but at the same time improves efficiency and efficacy in performances.

Many of our students have gone to enroll in the top Engineering, Medical and other colleges.

Our Vision

Igniting and moulding young minds by offering top notch educational programs responsive to community needs. Thus help our students meet economic, social and environmental challenges to create YOUNG GLOBAL INDIANS

Our Mission

  • Outstanding teaching and excellent students care.
  • Motivate students to inoculate positivity in their approach towards challenges.
  • Promote scholastic research.
  • Provide a conducive atmosphere for comprehensive learning.
  • Equip students with relevant skill sets to achieve desired career growth.

Frequently Asked Question

General Questions

We provide specialized training and guidance to help students prepare for competitive exams. They offer structured study plans, expert faculty, and a competitive environment that enhances the chances of success in these challenging exams.

No coaching center can guarantee success as individual efforts, dedication, and aptitude play a crucial role. However, a good coaching center can provide the necessary guidance and resources to enhance your preparation.

No, Online classes are not available. Only Offline classes provide a more traditional classroom experience.

The time required varies for each student. A balanced approach is recommended, with a significant portion of time dedicated to self-study. IISE Coaching classes usually provide a schedule, but customization based on individual strengths and weaknesses is crucial.

Yes, IISE coaching center often include exam strategy sessions and time management techniques in their curriculum. These are crucial aspects of exam preparation, and experienced faculty can provide valuable insights.

We often conduct mock tests and provide tips on managing exam stress. The competitive environment during classes and regular assessments prepare students for the pressure of the actual exam.

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